Holmansbridge Turkeys

a seasonal family tradition

raising turkeys for over 80 years

Bronze or White Turkeys

free range

no growth promoting additives

a pair of bronze turkeys

Free Range Turkeys

We’ve been rearing bronze turkeys at Holmansbridge for the past three generations. Our turkeys spend their early days in heated enclosures.When they are old enough, we move them to open-sided pole barns with deep straw beds and as they get bigger and stronger, we open up their barns & they can roam free range in one of the farm’s fields.
This has been our families preferred method for over 80 years.

The turkeys grow slowly and naturally and are fed on a balanced cereal diet rich in oats that contains no growth promoting additives. Our processing methods are also traditional. The birds are hand plucked and then hung to develop a richer, fuller flavour.

Our turkeys are bred in time for Christmas though we do have ex-pat Americans ordering for Thanksgiving.
Christmas is our busiest time of year, why not give us a call and order your fresh turkey direct from the farm.


Tue. - Fri. 9am to 4pm
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